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Wikimetrics can now generate vital sign metrics for every project daily. Rolling Monthly Active Editor metric has been implemented; the reports are in JSON format, in a logical path hosted on a file server and downloadable. The team also worked on backfilling data for the daily reports on Newly Registered and Rolling Active Editor, and numerous optimizations to backfill the data quickly.

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Wikimetrics is a webtool (formerly known as UserMetrics) designed to simplify the measurement of on-site user activity based on a set of standardized metrics. Using this tool, different metrics can be selected and applied to an arbitrarily defined cohort of users to measure their overall productivity, retention, quantity and quality of wiki work. The platform is language- and project-agnostic (it can retrieve data from any Wikimedia project), extensible (adding new metrics, modifying metric parameters) and designed to make data collection for various types of cohort analysis and program evaluation more user-friendly.

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When updates are made to Wikimetrics, they will be announced on the Wikimetrics mailing list. This will typically occur on a Thursday following the Analytics Dev team showcase on a Tuesday when new features for Wikimetrics were presented at that showcase.

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"The UserMetrics API. Measuring participation in Wikimedia projects",Wikimania 2013.

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